Travel Tips

Timor-Leste Travel Tips

Time Difference – GMT+9 hours

Population – 1.1 million

Language – Tetun, Portuguese, Bahasa and English – the Tetun Translator can provide simple translation from English to Tetun

Climate – Tropical humid, 25-35C lowlands and cooler inland

Rainfall – Dry season May-November; wet season December- April

Best Diving – May-November

Best Trekking – May-November

Best Fishing – November-March

Best Dolphin/Whale Viewing – October-December

Best Birding – All year

Passport Validity – Minimum 6 months from arrival

Visa – Obtained on arrival at airport (USD30 -Tourist and Business Class); Note: no money changing facilities at airport

Departure Tax – Paid on leaving (USD10)

Currency – USD; banks will change foreign currencies if needed

Money – In Dili limited ATMs, no EFPOS facilities and only larger hotels, tour and dive companies accept credit cards.  In districts no ATMs, banks or credit cards/EFPOS facilities. When travelling in districts bring small notes as larger denominations hard to change

Tele-communications – Good mobile phone coverage (main centres).  To get set up bring an unlocked handset and buy a SIM card and credit on arrival.  Internet is readily available but speed is relatively slow

Electricity – Limited duration in some outlying areas and outages can occur (so torch is useful).  Electricity plugs vary so it’s wise to being an adapter

Driving – Valid driving licence required when hiring vehicles/motorcycles; Note: must be carried while driving

Health – Comprehensive travel insurance highly recommended

Travel Info – Dili maps available on arrival; Lonely Planet Timor-Leste guidebook useful; no tourism information centre but locals very helpful

Travel Agencies – Available in Dili for international flight arrangements

Tipping – Not expected, but appreciated

Cultural – Do ask before taking photos of people, seek permission before visiting sacred sites or communities and wearing modest dress is appreciated especially in the districts

Environmental – Please do not litter, light fires, purchase souvenirs made from endangered species e.g. turtles and touch or take other marine species e.g. coral and shells

Freshwater – In some locations, fresh water is limited so please use sparingly in this case

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