Manukoko Rek Restaurant and Guesthouses
Vila, Atauro (Dili Municipality)

Located next to the local arts & handicrafts shop Biojoia and Boneca de Ata├║ro, this accommodation ranges from thatched huts with shared bathroom, to larger rooms with private bathrooms. Rooms are equipped with fans and mosquito nets. Restaurant is open for public and specializes in Italian food with pizza and freshly pasta with homemade tomato sauce. Breakfast is included! Lunch & dinner is pre-order. It has also open relaxation space and garden area. Five-minute walk to pristine Vila Maumeta beach, good for swimming and snorkeling.

Property Type: Accommodation, Eco-accommodation, Guesthouse
Owner / Manager: Leocadia Da Silva
Price Range: Low
Location: Vila, Atauro (Dili Municipality)
Tel: (+670) 7748 7301