Plaza Hotel
Dili, Dili

Set in the heart of Dili, Plaza Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a 24/7 front desk and an on-site restaurant. All rooms offer a flat-screen TV and a refrigerator, free on-site parking. The Plaza Hotel Dili is situated next to the old Portuguese Palacio de Governu. It is 5 minutes’ walk from shops and restaurants. Free transfers are available to and from Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport.
Air conditioned suites and rooms with private bathrooms. Onsite restaurant, bar, function facilities and a business centre. Breakfast included and free parking.

Property Type: Accommodation, Hotel
Owner / Manager:
Price Range: High, Premium
Location: Dili, Dili
Tel: (+670) 7723 2438 / (+670) 331 2222