Atauro (Dili)

Located enticingly close to Dili, Atauro Island is well suited for a day trip, or longer stay.  Atauro is a wonderfully friendly and relaxing destination.  While it is the perfect place to laze in a hammock, there is also a lot to enjoy if you want to be more active.

With rugged mountains, forests and grassy slopes, the coastline varies from overhanging cliffs to the most sublime beaches. Most of the Island is surrounded by reefs rich in marine life with crystal clear waters.

Timor-Leste: Arecaceae, Flora, Palm Tree, Plant, Tree, Building, Cottage, House, Housing, Aloe, Jar, Potted Plant, Pottery, Vase, Cabin, Villa, Log Cabin, Conifer, Yew, Greenhouse, Garden, Outdoors, Sand, Soil, Vegetation, Forest, Land, Nature, Rainforest, Backyard, YardAtauro has the greatest diversity of reef fish and coral species anywhere in the world and the snorkelling and diving is excellent.  Whales and dolphins can be seen year round with the best viewing during the seasonal migration.

The hills and coastline offer great hiking from a guided climb of Mt Manukoko to coastal walks.

On Atauro there is some lovely eco-accommodation and a good range of locally produced handicrafts.  These include carved wooden figurines, Boneka dolls and bags and intricately woven reed mats and baskets.

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