Liquica municipality lying to the west of Dili has an attractive coastline interspersed with rocky headlands, coves and beaches. These offer good swimming and the coral reefs provide excellent diving opportunities.

There are small towns dotted along the coast road and roadside vendors selling local produce from the hills beyond. The majority of local people speak Tocodede.

Timor-Leste’s colonial past is very evident in this municipality with the remnants of a large historic jail at Aipelo and many fine Portuguese buildings in Liquica, the main administrative centre.

Timor-Leste: Building, House, Housing, Villa, Ruins, Architecture, Temple, Worship, Column, Pillar, Church, TombFurther to the west, past a salt lake known for its pelicans, is the interesting small town of Maubara.  In addition to many old Portuguese buildings it has an impressive 17th century Dutch Fort which is a must see. Across the road local women in bright blue bungalows produce handicrafts including colourful intricately woven baskets and other items.

Continuing past Maubara the road clings to the rocky coast and climbs high above the sea. It is a good location to look out for whales and dolphins especially in the migrating season as they often come in very close to the shore here.  The views out towards the large island of Alor across the Savu Sea also are spectacular.

Popular Locations: Maubara & Liquica

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