Manufahi municipality stretches from the central mountains to the southern coast. Inland, scenic vistas of the large mountains and expansive valleys are magnificent.  Small villages can be found along the roads and on isolated ridges.

Travelling south, the road from Dili winds down steeply after Aituto and follows a lush green river valley towards Same, the administrative capital of Manufahi. The local climate and terrain are well suited to the cultivation of many tropical fruits and vegetables, plus Timor-Leste’s famous organically grown coffee.

Same offers a great base for exploring the surrounding areas.  A trek to Mt Kablaki through dense forests and small villages is an ideal way to experience the natural beauty of the area and the nearby river is good for swimming. Same also has some lovely old Portuguese buildings.

Timor-Leste: Arecaceae, Flora, Palm Tree, Plant, Tree, Building, Cottage, House, Housing, Porch, Villa, Neighborhood, Urban, Backyard, Outdoors, Yard, Tropical, Birch, Leisure Activities, Park, Arbour, GardenFrom Same the road continues on further south to Betano, a small fishing village on the coast with long sweeping black sand beaches.  This was the location where Australian Sparrow Force guerrilla troops had to be evacuated by ship and submarine during WWII.

Much of the coastal area known as Sungai Clere further to the east of Betano have been proposed for protection as a wildlife sanctuary.  This wetland area and the hill country inland area to its north are very isolated and often inaccessible by road in the wet season.

The majority of people living in Manufahi speak Mambae and their traditional circular thatched buildings can be seen.

Popular Locations: Same

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