Viqueque municipality lies on the higher rainfall south coast of Timor-Leste and with its steep terrain, dense forest and rushing rivers offers a beautiful natural setting in which to explore.

The main road into Viqueque from Baucau itself is very scenic, crossing a high point with nearby rugged rock formations and providing great views of Mt Matebian to the east and Mundo Perdido to the west.

Timor-Leste: Flora, Jar, Plant, Potted Plant, Pottery, Vase, Building, Cottage, House, Housing, Awning, Canopy, Countryside, Nature, Outdoors, Rural, Shelter, Bench, Forest, Grove, Land, Tree, Vegetation, Villa, Den, Dog House, Kennel, Patio, Conifer, Yew, Oak, Sycamore, Hut, Shack, Gazebo, Neighborhood, Urban, Bush, Rainforest, PineMundo Perdido (1,775m), the ‘Lost World’ has Timor-Leste’s largest tract of rainforest and is a protected area due to its rich plant, bird and animal life. Mundo Perdido also is a wonderful place for guided hiking. Fantastic views of the surrounding countryside can be seen from the ridges and it is interesting finding out how local people utilise the forest for food and materials. Such guided hiking and other activities including visiting nearby limestone caves and cooking lessons in a local village can all be easily organised when staying in accommodation at Loi Hunu located further to the south. The Loi Hunu River has rapids excellent for swimming and lovely big boulders to laze on.

If you are interested in learning more about the local Timorese resistance history there also are opportunities in this regard.

Viqueque the administrative centre is a largish regional town with guest houses and ‘warungs’ and has a nearby hot water spring.  There is plenty of evidence of the Portuguese era architecture in Viqueque’s schools and churches. Its surrounding farmland is used for growing rice, peanuts and other crops, plus livestock grazing.

The majority of local people speak either Macasae or Tetun Terik. They are well-known for their distinctive woven tais, coloured with dyes from local plants and berries.

Popular Locations: Loi Hunu, Mundo Perdido & Mt Matebian

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