Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

Connecting Ataúro to the world, one flight at a time

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) light planes fly regularly to the island on Friday evening and Monday morning, departing Dili airport and arriving at the Ataúro airstrip (located midway between Beloi and Vila). Flights take 15-20 minutes. Flights can only be booked if you are staying on the island and cost $75 each way, with a portion of this going to support your local tourism organization – ATKOMA!

Note: By flying with MAF you are supporting the provision of medical evacuation services across Timor-Leste.

Departs DIL 1630
Arrives ATO 1650
Departs ATO 1710
Arrives DIL 1730

Departs DIL 0730
Arrives ATO 0750
Departs ATO 0810
Arrives DIL 0830

Departs DIL 1200
Arrives ATO 1220
Departs ATO 1240
Arrives DIL 1300

Other flights will be added if demand exists so please contact our WhatsApp booking line 77327771 for flights on other days / times.

Place Details

Phone: (+670) 7732 7771
Whatsapp: (+670) 77327771
Email: [email protected]

Location: Dili, Aileu

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