Travel to Timor-Leste


Getting to Timor-Leste by air is easy, with international flights from Denpasar (Bali), Kupang (Indonesia), Darwin (Australia) and Singapore.  Dili is just over an hour away from Darwin by plane.

On arrival at Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport, a Timor-Leste Tourist and Business Visas (USD30 for 30 days) is granted to holders of valid passports. (Note: Portuguese are visa exempt when travelling for tourism).

Dili is a 10 minute drive from the airport. To get into the city prearrange a transfer with your accommodation, book the 24-hour Flybus airport shuttle (USD10 per person; Tel +670 7750 8585) or organise a taxi (around USD10). (Note: With yellow taxis do negotiate fares prior to commencing your trip).

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Land Travel

Journeying over land between West Timor and Timor-Leste, there are daily air conditioned minibus services linking the capitals of Kupang and Dili via the border crossing near Batugade.  It is an arduous 12 hour trip through beautiful rolling hill country and along the scenic coastline west of Dili.  All nationalities, with exception of Portuguese and Indonesians, must obtain a Visa Application Authorization before arriving at the land border post. Apply in person at a Timor-Leste Embassy or Consulate (there is one in Denpasar +62 3 6123 5093 and Kupang, Tel +62 813 3936 7558) or online at the Ministry of Immigration website (allowing around 10 working days to receive a printable authorization).  Then present this document and the USD30 fee to Immigration at the border crossing.

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Cruises and sea travel

Most of Timor-Leste’s large braided rivers completely disappear in the dry season, but after torrential rain during rainy season rivers can turn into raging torrents, and sometimes into flash flooding.  Impressive waterfalls cascading down the mountain-sides can also be seen at this time.

Lake Ira Laloro is the only lake of any size. There are also smaller salt lakes and along the south coast marshes teeming with wildlife. Bubbling mud pools can be viewed in Oecusse and there are geothermal hot springs at Marobo, Waicana (near Venilale), Uato Carbau (near Viqueque) and Atauro to name a few.

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