Carlito’s Homestay

A simple, comfortable place to rest

At Carlito’s Homestay in Anartuto, you can enjoy a comfortable bed, simple home-prepared food, and snacks. You’ll also get to experience Ataúro’s noncoastal community’s life, hiking, and trekking up to the peak of Manukoko mountain (999m) for sunrise and beautiful views of the island and the village. Make sure to check out the wood carvings, woven baskets, and other local products prepared by NGO Roy Ia Rod (RIR) at the back of Carlito’s house. During the second week of July, you can explore the island’s annual Betel Nut Festival (the only Betel Nut Festival in Timor-Leste) held on the slopes of Abakteri, above Anartutu.

Accommodation Details

Style: Homestay
Price Range: $$ ($0-20)

Location: , Atauro