Crystal clear water and warm temperatures all year round perfect for swimming!

Timor-Leste has many stunning beaches, from the more popular such as Areia Branca and Back Beach near Dili to those almost deserted. You’ll love them.  For your beach experience drive out along the coast from Dili or take a boat trip to Atauro.

They include pristine tropical paradises along the northern coast such as the white sand beaches to the east near Baucau, on both sides of Com, at Valu and around exquisite Jaco Island. Beautiful silver-grey beaches lie to the west.

Atauro Island also has some untouched gems around its coastline which are perfect for beach walking and relaxation.

In Timor-Leste water temperatures are warm all year round and clarity is very high making swimming irresistible.

Sunrise and sunset are special times and the colours reflecting on the water are often mesmerising.