Estevao’s Homestay
Beloi, Atauro (Dili Municipality)

Estevão’s Homestay is located at Suco Beloi, Ataúro Vila and one of the places to stay and relax in Beloi at an affordable price. It is a five-minute walk from Beloi beach, good for swimming and snorkeling. Estevão’s Homestay offers two basic, clean and comfortable rooms equipped with mosquito nets and fans. Experience simple home prepared food, local snacks and the best company! Full Board $20 (breakfast, lunch and dinner included). Half Board $15 (breakfast and dinner).

Property Type: Accommodation, Homestay
Owner / Manager: Estevao Marques
Price Range: Low
Location: Beloi, Atauro (Dili Municipality)
Tel: (+670) 7843 6324