Hotel Esplanada
Dili, Dili

One of the premiere boutique hotels in the new Timor Leste. With panoramic views across the expansive Dili bay area from the upstairs restaurant and its smart modern interiors this small hotel offers you the best accommodation in the city of Dili. Our restaurant offers fresh, innovative cuisine and balmy onshore breezes from the beach directly in front of the hotel. Situated on the Avenida da Portugal, alongside many international embassies, this premium location offers the best views and aspects in the city. Come and enjoy your stay with us.
Beachfront location, restaurant, bar and swimming pool. Air-conditioned bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Free parking and wifi.

Property Type: Accommodation, Hotel
Owner / Manager: Ashley Reef / Emilia Rickard
Price Range: High
Location: Dili, Dili
Tel: (+670) 331 3088 / (+670) 7757 1476 / (+670) 7799 6284