Trisan Guesthouse

Eco-friendly accommodations in the main road of Beloi

Trisan Guesthouse is an eco-friendly accommodations option that is located in the main road of Beloi, which is opposite of the Ataúro Airport. This guesthouse has a range of classic-looking thatched bungalows with shared bathrooms. The bungalows are shaded by coconut trees and the rooms are equipped with double beds, fans, and mosquito nets. This guesthouse also has a garden area and offers free fresh coconut water during the fall season. Another amenity that this guesthouse offers is fresh water through a pump. This is a great place to stay if you want to take the time to shop for fresh vegetables from the stand set up just on the edge of the property. You can also chat with Mama Eka about her life coming from Indonesia to Timor-Leste. Her daughter can help translate from Tetum into English.

Accommodation Details

Style: Guesthouse
Price Range: $$$ ($20-50)

Whatsapp: +670 7556 6120

Location: Vila, Atauro

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