Association Tourism Ramelau Blehitu and Kablake AST.RABEKA as unique association tourism that exist in Administrative of Post Hatu-Builico that esablished through assembly general which consist of local authority, church representative of Hatu-Builico, local businessman, youth and community on 27 February 2019 and officially publishes in a jornal Republica page on 2 October 2019. AST.BECA initially supported from USAID’s Tourism For All Project for its establsihment. AST.RABECA now in partenrship with Ministry of Tourism Commerce and Industry, particularly Cabinet Vice Ministra Community Tourism and culture prioritize development community tourism in Nunumoge village as pilot village, tourist village, to implement this program.

Mission and Vision

To establish local identity official page in order to manage tourism industry based legal framework and national tourism policy, to take assume responsibility of human resources capacity building development in the area of tourism and o lead promotion and publish tourism information

Mission- Improve people knowledge, skill, and ability to manage tourism sector based on unique natural and cultural site to attract people, finally can provide wellbeing to people in Mt. Ramelau in Hato-builico.

Vision -Mt. Ramelau with its surrounding panorama will very popular, accessible and prefer to be beauty touristic destination, original, unique and different in Timor Leste.


Mt. Ramealu is located in Suco Nunumoge, Administrative Post of Hato-Builico, Ainaro Municiaplity. Mt. Ramelau sorrounding by its attractive touristic panoram, however still far and lack of information to bring to tourism market for promotion. Therefore, youth, local leader, church, private sector and cultural leader took inisitive to enstablish an associaition role as an umbrella to look after the tourism industry in Hatubuilico. In October 2019, AST.RABECA  official registered at ministry of jusitce and published in Journal the Repulica.  The main responsbility of AST.RABECA as an association take responsability to coordinate, organize and facilitate tourism acitvity in Hatubuilico, and promote its tourism to national, regional and even internatinal level.


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