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Originally developed by a group of tourism champions under the auspices of Grupo Turizmu Ataúro (GTA), with the support from New Zealand Aid, a website promoting tourism on Ataúro was successfully developed; however, the group itself did not continue. The group has been working together since 2005 to pursue a common vision for developing low-impact tourism on the island of Ataúro.

Re-galvanized into an Association in 2016, the group began the process of acquiring legal registration under the Ministry of Justice. With support from the USIAD’s Tourism For All Project this registration was successfully achieved in March 2019 and was recognized as a great accomplishment after more than 15 years of effort.

Mission and Vision

Through strong guidelines that defend the principles of ethical tourism, strengthen the solidarity and unity of members, and improve the quality of local products.

Since its formal registration, ATKOMA has worked with the USAID’s Tourism For All Project in the development of an island-wide tourism strategy and action plan that feeds into activities of the association.

The association has also been introduced to different start-up models and revenue generating options to ensure funds are available to implement activities; and to ensure conditions exist to make ATKOMA a successful Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO) on the island.

As the DMMO for Ataúro, ATKOMA will increase cooperation among local
stakeholders to support the sustainable development of Ataúro’s tourism industry while preserving the community’s natural and cultural assets and improving the lives of local residents. ATKOMA will be the most comprehensive source for travel information about Ataúro Island and will advocate and mobilize collective action to enhance visitor safety, beautification of the destination, and ensure sustainable economic development and cultural sustainability.


ATKOMA is a group of tourism advocates that have been working together since 2000 to pursue a common vision for developing low-impact tourism in Timor-Leste. Comprising local tourism providers and community representatives, Asosiasaun Turizmu Koleku Mahanak Ataúro (ATKOMA) has remained steadfast in its dedication to seeing Ataúro develop as an ecotourism destination. The Association provides booking information for Atauro including accommodation, diving, hiking trekking and more. Visit their website for more information


Phone: +670 7563 3503
Email: [email protected]