Destination Plan Ataúro Island Timor-Leste

Acknowledgement: The tourism consulting team travelled across Ataúro Island and held meetings in Dili during the three consultation visits. We met with many people from the communities and businesses More… of Ataúro Island, representatives of the Government of Timor-Leste, non-government organisations and development agencies as well as the Ataúro Island Sub-District Administrator and Chefe de Sucos. We wish to acknowledge and express our deep gratitude for their generous and invaluable contribution of time, experience and knowledge shared with us during this project, including providing feedback on the draft Destination Plan. Significant logistical support was provided by the Coral Triangle Foundation, MV Ataúro and Barry’s Place, for which the consultant team was very grateful.

Year: Unknown
Organisation/s: Coral Triangle Sustainable Tourism Project
Language: English