Indonesia Market Assessment Of Potential For Faith-Based Tourism In Timor-Leste

A Study of Indonesian Niche Source Market Potential

As a predominantly Catholic country, Timor-Leste has a unique opportunity to develop faith-based tourism that is inclusive of all religions in Timor-Leste (e.g. Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, More… Confucious). There is an entire industry catering to faith-based travel, tourism and hospitality that includes people embarking on individual or group pilgrimages or missionary travel as well as religion-based cruises, fellowship vacations, crusades, rallies, retreats and visiting iconic faith-based tourist attractions across the globe. For example, it is estimated that as much as seven percent (160 million) of the world’s Christian population (2.2 billion) are on the move as pilgrims each year.

Year: 2019
Organisation/s: Chemonics International
Language: English