The objective of this Priority Project Action Plans Report is to present a set of time-phased
Action Plans to develop as viable transactions. The five (5) designated projects that
have been selected are the result of the Project Team’s assessment and screening of
the total thirty-six (36) initiatives included in the Master List. The utility of this report
is to equip project sponsors (public, private, and donor) with a sound understanding
of project viability to develop the Projects from concept to feasibility and, ultimately,
to the bid and tender phases of implementation. This project analysis encompasses
assessments of potential risks and opportunities, market interest and requirements,
and stakeholder responsibilities, as well as additional data gathering and due diligence
The primary conclusion of the report is that all five (5) Priority Project are highly
economically impactful and, with the support of the government, will likely attract
private interest and investment, as well as donor / blended finance participation.
Importantly, these initiatives are not unduly large in scope, nor will they pose undue
fiscal risk to the GOTL in properly structured. On the contrary, with USAID support,
these projects can demonstrate the role of the private sector in improving service
delivery and promoting good governance in the economic and tourism sectors.
It is our view that all the project preparation work necessary to attract private
investors/bidders can be completed in a relatively short period of time and begin
demonstrating visible results in the near future. These Action Plans and subsequent
project development models will serve as replicable templates for the consideration
of further investment in the Tourism Sector in Timor-Leste which can serve as
strategic platforms to generate employment, improve service delivery, and promote
sustainable environmental management and conservation practices.

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