10 September 2020, Report SUMMARY OF FINDINGS AND MARKETING ACTION PLAN Consultancy Assignment – Australia / Timor-Leste Tourism Market Analysis |

Despite its proximity and perceived natural beauty, Timor-Leste remains an undiscovered destination for the Australian tourist market.

There is a lack of understanding of how Australians travel, especially to similarly remote Asia and Pacific destinations like Timor-Leste, which limits how well Timor-Leste can competitively promote itself to the Australian market. Timorese tourism stakeholders would benefit from a better knowledge of what experience Australian tourists want and how to influence their decision-making.

The purpose of this project was to conduct consumer and trade market research to identify ‘most likely’ target segments and activate a Marketing Action Plan to benefit the local tourism industry.

While we could not have foreseen the damaging consequences of COVID-19 on global tourism, the timing of this project provided an opportunity to plan a unique schedule of marketing actions that focus on growing the local industry’s trade contacts and skill base now in preparation for mainstream marketing actions when travel restrictions ease ‘Post-COVID’.

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