Timor-Leste Economic Diversification Analysis

Candlenut, Mobile Finance Market & Tourism Assessments – LEO Report #20

Less than two decades after achieving its independence, Timor-Leste is grappling to secure its place in the regional and global economy, while stabilizing the livelihoods of its populace. The recent More… petroleum discovery brings new wealth and opportunity but also demands caution in managing the resources for long term sustainability. To address this, the government has undertaken broad efforts includng building its admistrative and regulatory capacity, creating social support programs and deploying widespread infrastructure upgrades and diversifying its economy.
This assessment informs USAID/Timor-Leste on the opportunities presented by candlenut exports, tourism, and mobile banking to support economic growth and diversification in the country. While the candlenut and tourism sectors examine both the domestic factors and international expansion, mobile banking was examined as an economy-wide financial service, as well as a conduit for financial inclusion for under-served populations.

Year: 2015
Organisation/s: United States Agency for International Development
Language: English