Tourism Management

Strengthening Community-Based Tourism in a new resource-based island nation: Why and how?

A manifestation of early destination development, Community-Based Tourism (CBT) enterprises have
been emerging across Timor-Leste as a rural development strategy. In the context of this fledgling and More… oil
revenue dependent nation, CBT enterprises will need to overcome various challenges if they are to fulfil
their potential. The present paper explores stakeholder perceptions towards the prospective shape and
structure of a nationwide CBT network using a multi-stage qualitative research approach. Respondents
broadly agreed that a CBT network can support the development of tourism and help enterprises to
confront the challenges of deficient knowledge, funding and marketing, prospectively improving rural
livelihoods. The researchers consider neo-colonial, social economy and community development perspectives
when applying the prospective CBT model in a resource dependent developing country setting.
The success of a CBT network relies on an authoritative funding body and on communications between
managers and stakeholders that maintains a balance of power.

Year: 2015
Organisation/s: Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Language: English