Trained Staff at the Dili Tourism Information Centre Stand Ready to Help Travelers Plan Their Trips

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Staff at the national Tourism Information Centre (TIC) in Dili have been perfecting their skills and updating their database to help domestic and international travellers plan their journeys and leisure activities in Timor-Leste.  The centre – the first of its kind in Timor-Leste – was inaugurated on March 12th 2018 and it is situated on the beach road in Lecidere at the heart of the city.

The TIC keeps stock of a wide range of brochures and maps, covering tours, accommodation, travel agencies, restaurants and accommodation, as well as information about tourism attractions, cultural highlights and beauty spots throughout the country.

Staff can also provide accurate and reliable information about special events and Timor-Leste’s historical and geographical background, to help visitors understand and enjoy their journeys outside Dili, whilst assisting expatriate residents and travellers from the Municipalities find their way around the city.  Information is also available about Timor-Leste’s renowned scuba diving and the dive centres operating in Dili, as well as boat timetables for travel to Atauro and Oe-cusse.

Staff can also help visitors to find a range of goods and services that they might need during their trip, such as car and motorbike rentals, money changers, laundry companies, and local markets, as well as providing information about internet access and telecommunications companies. They can direct visitors to local markets, handicrafts shops and cafes where they can experience the flavour of freshly-brewed Timorese coffee and buy some to take home. The friendly and helpful staff speak Portuguese and English. The Lecidere Tourism Information Centre is open from Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1730 (closed for lunch between 1200 and 1400). The government also has plans to open more centres at Nicolau Lobato Airport, the land border crossing point at Batugade and in Baucau.


Tourism information is also available on line at the national website:

Facebook : Tourist Information Center

Landline : +670 331 1563

Location :,125.5862433/@-8.5485574,125.5162016,12z

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