Visiting “Origin”: Timor-Leste’s Coffee Country

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While we cannot travel internationally during COVID-19, we can still experience the flavours of Timor-Leste. Visiting “origin” is the dream of many coffee professionals. Just an hour off the coast of Australia lies Timor-Leste, a young nation offering incredible natural beauty, rich history, and unique culture. Its “Explore the Undiscovered” tourism campaign beckons travellers to its rugged mountainous interior where coffee is grown by almost a third of the country’s households. Although the coffee industry is relatively young compared to others, it is one of Timor’s largest non-oil exports and plays a significant role in its economy. In partnership with ACTL (Timor-Leste Coffee Association), The Asia Foundation’s Tourism Development Program worked with BeanScene Magazine to feature Timor-Leste as a specialty coffee producing nation. Read about the exciting growth of the coffee industry at, best accompanied by a freshly brewed cup of Timorese coffee.

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Source: The Asia Foundation/BeanScene Magazine