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Faith-Based Tourism


As a predominantly Catholic country, Timor-Leste has a unique opportunity to develop faith-based tourism that is inclusive of all religions in Timor-Leste (e.g. Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Confucius). Targeting individual or group pilgrimages or missionary travel as well as religion-based cruises, fellowship vacations, crusades, rallies, retreats and visiting iconic faith-based tourist attractions across the globe.

Religion in a fundamental element of the history and culture of Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste is nominally Catholic in large part due to Portuguese influence during the colonial period. The Catholic faith became a central part of Timor-Leste culture during the Indonesian occupation between 1975 and 1999 and since independence from Indonesia, Timor-Leste has become only the second predominantly Catholic country in Asia; the other county being the Philippines.

Religious attractions also play an important role in destination branding. Timor-Leste’s Cristo Rei (Christ the King) statue, located in Meti-Aut Dili, is an iconic symbol of the country and its Capital City of Dili. Another example is Nain Feto Ramelau (St. Mary Ramelau) statue located on the top of Ramelau Mountain, which has become central to the brand of Hatobuilico District. These places are today being sought after by not only domestic tourists, but also international tourists, particularly from Indonesia and Australia.  There are many other significant sites including caves, sacred places, objects of religious located in other municipalities that can be explored and become potential attractions to bring more religious tourists to Timor-Leste.

Faith-based tourism in Timor-Leste has its own uniqueness as it attached to culture and historical of Timor-Leste Community. Faith-based tourism pilgrimage in Timor-Leste is not only focus on one religion attraction but it is accumulate all main religions (Catholic, Protestant, Hinduism, Moslem, and Kong Fu Chu) their believes, rituals, and objects of religion such as; Church, Mosque, Vihara, and Temple in the tourism sense, such places have a powerful attraction and considering as tourism destination pilgrimage.

We would like to welcome you to visit our official faith-based tourism website to view the selections of tour packages, which we offer to meet your religious adventurers.  Use our map guide to plan your next vacation to Dili, Timor-Leste. you can click here to view details  tour packages and click here to book the package

Mission and Vision

To share a common aspiration to strengthen faith, peace, harmony and fellowship by working together to develop faith based tourism and pilgrimage with the aim of strengthening spiritual fellowship and building prosperity for Timorese people.


Associacao Turismo Religioso Timor-Leste is an interfaith organization inluding Catholic, Protestan, Muslim, Hindu and Kong Fu Chang . This has stablished by faith community to contribute sustainable tourism development through promote faith tourism atraction and transform to tourism product to provide to tourism industry.


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