Dolphins & Whales

Viewing dolphins and whales in the wild is totally exhilarating and Timor-Leste is a top location for this.

While dolphins and especially the smaller whales, such as short-finned pilot and melon-headed, can be seen year round, from October to December the Wetar Strait separating Dili and Atauro becomes a major migratory route (a marine super highway) between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  During this time different species of whales, from massive to smaller, including the blue, beaked, humpback, sperm, killer, short-finned pilot and melon-headed, along with very large pods of dolphins can be viewed from cruise boats and the shoreline.

Marine scientists refer to Timor-Leste as a global hotspot for whales and dolphins due to their abundance, diversity and sheer density of numbers.

Some of the diving operators run dolphin & whale watching cruises on a charter basis during the migration season.