Tourism Development Strategies For Timor-Leste

Tourism is a nascent industry in Timor-Leste with significant potential for growth and revenue generation. Our unspoilt beaches, rich history and spectacular interior landscapes have already begun to More… draw small numbers of adventurous travellers. Divers and deep-sea fishermen are discovering our coastal waters. Additional visitors are trickling in en route to the oil platforms on the Timor Sea.
Our country has a unique opportunity to build a tourism sector that avoids both the social and environmental negatives of tourism, and maximizes its contributions. Careful management is key: our strategy involves a focused and incremental approach to development with an emphasis on sustainability and community participation.
Timor-Leste cannot and should not try to offer all things to all people. A solid foundation for growth in this sector will best be achieved by concentrating efforts and resources on key propositions: those attractions most likely to bring about high satisfaction levels among a targeted category of travellers. This exercise provides a blueprint for initial development, and generates a clear story about our country for use in marketing initiatives.

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