Mount Ramelau Shrine Re-opens To Visitors

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Lian Tetun iha kraik

The Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry and Dili Diocese held a joint news conference on July 1st to announce that the shrine of Our Lady of Mount Ramelau has been re-opened to visitors. The site had been closed to the public since March 23rd,  as a precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Director-General of Tourism Jose Quintas said that visitors to Mt. Ramelau should still observe COVID-19 prevention procedures, such as wearing masks, social distancing and regular hand-washing. He also asked that the public refrain from vandalism, littering, lighting fires and rowdy behaviour at the site, and respect it as a sacred place and a protected area.

Ministério do Turismo, Comércio e Indústria (MTCI) no Diocese Díli, oficialmente aviso ba público katak Sítio “NA’I FETO RAMELAU” loke ona bá público iha loron 27 Junho 2020.
Hato’o mos ba público sira nebe ba visita, atu continua disiplina nafatin hodi implementa protocolo prevensaun bá COVID-19, hanesan usa Máscara, halo distanciamento sosial, fase-liman, etc.

Husu mós ba público atu guarda salva ambiente hanesan hadok-an hosi vandalismo ou estragos, soe lixu arbiru, sunu-rai, respeito no hatudu comportamento etica no moral diak, etc.

Hamutuk ita protege no tau-matan nafatin ba fatin Turismo Religiosa Sítio “NA’I FETO RAMELAU” núdar hanesan fatin sagrada no area protegida. Mai ita continua harohan ba “NA’I FETO RAMELAU” hodi tulun hado’ok Timor-Leste hosi COVID-19.

Hamotuk Ita Bele!