Marine Megafauna Surveys in Timor Leste

Identifying Opportunities for Potential Ecotourism – Final Report

The aim of this study was to determine if cetaceans and other megafauna aggregated in the nearshore waters of Timor Leste, and if so, to assess opportunities for regional ecotourism industries based More… on this resource. The project included (i) monthly aerial surveys (ii) field ground-truthing using boats and (iii) training of TL government staff in aerial survey techniques (manual prepared) and GIS analysis of data.
A light plane was used for aerial surveys of megafauna within two nautical miles of the coastline on a monthly basis from April to November 2008. During four days in November megafauna were also surveyed using a boat along the Dili region of the coast.

Year: 2009
Organisation/s: Government of Timor Leste, Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
Language: English