2018, Policy Papers
Timor- Leste Tourism Barometer 2018

In support of next steps, this Tourism Barometer has been developed to provide a
situational analysis that guides tourism development in the country. It is critical that
there is wide participation in the development of The Barometer by public and
private stakeholders. Consultations have already been held with both the 7th and
8th Constitutional Governments, and two Timor-Leste Tourism Symposia were held
in October 2017 on the topics of tourism partnership and destination marketing.
It is envisaged that The Barometer is a living document and will therefore require
ongoing consultation among stakeholders to absorb refinements and encourage
continuity. Ideally, The Barometer will become a guiding document for any future
tourism-specific public-private partnership arrangements that may be established,
such as a Tourism Authority of Timor-Leste (TATL) or similar.

2014, ILO Training Materials

You will notice that each activity in each lesson plan has been assigned an individual reference
number. “is is to make it easy for you to locate the matching activity description in the
activity guide. “e activity reference number tells you the day, session and place within the
session of any given activity. For example, an activity with the reference 1.2.3 would be
delivered on day 1, session 2, and the third activity within that session.
Activities have all been assigned quick references so you can easily see if they are small group,
pair, individual or large group exercises.

Organisations: Irish Aid, New Zealand MFAT

Authors: Jocelyn Condon

, ILO Training Materials
Hadia ita nia Negocio | Setor Turismo no Hospitalidade

Programa Hahú no Hadi’ak Ita-nia Negósiu (HHIN nu’udar programa treinamentu ba empreza ki’ik
ne’ebé dezenvolvidu liu hosi Organizasaun Traballu Internasionál (ILO) ho nia implementasaun iha
lia rain atus ida iha mundu tomak. Ne’e programa treinamentu ba empreendedorizmu no jestaun ba
negósiu-ki’ik potensiál no ezistente.

Organisations: ILO, Irish Aid, New Zealand MFAT


2014, Education
Timor-Leste Tourism Research and Development

Timor-Leste is a small country, 15,000 km2 and a population just over 1 million, with beautiful and varied landscapes. Ithastropicalwatersrichinmarinelife,somewhitesandybeachesandruggedhillcountry/ mountainranges. Naturalfeaturesincludecavessystemsandhotwatersprings. Itisculturallyinteresting with Portuguese colonial heritage, resistance history and Timorese culture. Timorese are generally extremelyfriendlyandverywelcomingtovisitors,especiallyinthedistricts. A’trickle’ofinternationalholiday makers to this ‘new’ destination is definitely starting to emerge and these are arriving for quite a diverse range of reasons.