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The potential for cultural tourism
Bobonaro, Ainaro & Lautem Districts |

There is real potential for the development of cultural tourism in all three Districts
under study. Timor-Leste has a strong, unique traditional cultural heritage with major
influences from Portuguese and Indonesian eras. Local leaders are justly proud of
their cultural heritage and keen to share this with visitors.
Interviewees were unanimous in their belief that cultural tourism will provide
economic benefits for their local communities that far outweigh any potential risks to
traditional culture or environment.
Findings about the impacts of cultural tourism in other similar countries are mixed. It
is however clear that the best outcomes for local communities are achieved through
a holistic approach that takes into account social, cultural, environmental and
economic impacts. A strategic approach is required that includes local communities
in all aspects of planning and implementation and an evaluation framework that
looks at outcomes across all areas of potential impact. A number of models exist that
are applicable to the Timoresecontext. Of most relevance are those models that
consider the perspective of poor people, gender equality and balance tourism activity
with other livelihood activities. For Timor-Leste to have any hope of sustaining its
cultural and natural assets a pragmatic approach to tourism is required, a balance of
direct and indirect contact to culture that will require collaborative planning between
cultural, tourism and environmental ministries.

Organisations: Art e Culture, IADE, ILO

Authors: David Carlos

2016, ILO Training Materials

This training program has
been designed to be used by training professionals to deliver skills-based tourism training in
remote parts of Timor-Leste. The training program consists of three modules. Each module is centered on a different
theme, and builds on the skills and knowledge of the previous modules. The modules are:
Module 1: Understanding tourists and tourism
Module 2: Food hygiene and preparation
Module 3: Managing reception and housekeeping

Organisations: ETDA, ILO

Authors: Jocelyn Condon

2016, ILO Training Materials

You might be the owner of a guesthouse or restaurant, a tour operator, or a walking guide.
Successful tourism operators understand what tourists and guests like and need, and are able
to balance this with the needs of the community, creating a successful and sustainable tourism
industry that we can all benefit from.
This manual covers:
• Understanding tourists
• Understanding culture
• Communication
• Customer service
• Safety and security
• The environment
This module is the first in a series of three training modules designed to assist guesthouse
owners and tourism operators with various aspects of running a successful tourism, food or
accommodation business. When you have completed this training module, you will be ready
to move on to the second module: Food Preparation and Service.

Organisations: ETDA, ILO


, ILO Training Materials
Hadia ita nia Negocio | Setor Turismo no Hospitalidade

Programa Hahú no Hadi’ak Ita-nia Negósiu (HHIN nu’udar programa treinamentu ba empreza ki’ik
ne’ebé dezenvolvidu liu hosi Organizasaun Traballu Internasionál (ILO) ho nia implementasaun iha
lia rain atus ida iha mundu tomak. Ne’e programa treinamentu ba empreendedorizmu no jestaun ba
negósiu-ki’ik potensiál no ezistente.

Organisations: ILO, Irish Aid, New Zealand MFAT


2014, Education
Timor-Leste Tourism Research and Development

Timor-Leste is a small country, 15,000 km2 and a population just over 1 million, with beautiful and varied landscapes. Ithastropicalwatersrichinmarinelife,somewhitesandybeachesandruggedhillcountry/ mountainranges. Naturalfeaturesincludecavessystemsandhotwatersprings. Itisculturallyinteresting with Portuguese colonial heritage, resistance history and Timorese culture. Timorese are generally extremelyfriendlyandverywelcomingtovisitors,especiallyinthedistricts. A’trickle’ofinternationalholiday makers to this ‘new’ destination is definitely starting to emerge and these are arriving for quite a diverse range of reasons.